Burwell Bash isn’t like any other summer school. Set in a tiny hideaway in rural Burwell, once inside you become totally immersed in the music going on around you. The tutors look forward to returning each year, often bringing their families with them to soak up the family friendly atmosphere. With all ages and abilities taught together, Burwell is a highly nurturing environment for young talent. For many people being at Burwell Bash has brought them increased confidence. For others it has had an entirely different, holistic or professional impact on their lives. This makes Burwell Bash a fantastic space for those new to folk and budding professionals alike to hone their skills and develop their talent.

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Burwell Bash is run in partnership with and on the site of Burwell House, with additional support from the East Anglian Traditional Music Trust. 

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Kate Locksley

Kate first came to Burwell Bash in 2005, playing guitar and fiddle but very soon it was her passion for traditional song that came through. Passionate about shanties, Kate left Burwell Bash to start the Newcastle folk degree, going on to form the A cappella quartet The Teacups with her fellow alumni, developing her unique take on tradition songs. This year Kate is launching her new trio, Nightfall, and touring the UK.

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