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Welcome to the Burwell Bash 2020 online hub and members area. This is where you can find all your pre-course information and course itinerary to help prepare you for the weekend. Please read this information carefully even if you have been before as there are some changes to be aware of with our move online. We aim to make this page as helpful as possible for everyone attending, whether you're joining us for the first time or twentieth. Remember, in order to gain entry to the event, you need to have given us a donation on our Support Us page and provided us with your email address so we can have you with us.  

Access and Logins

We aim to make this experience as easy and straightforward as possible. As such, all you will need in order to take part is a computer, tablet or phone, a steady internet connection, an email address and a zoom account. Once you have a zoom account, all you will need to do is login on the day of the workshops and use the meeting ID and password you're sent to the email address you provided. That will give you complete access to the whole summer school including workshops, concerts, evening activities, sessions and the Q and A. 

While logged in, participants will be muted as however much we would to hear you, due to the video lag and internet speed, your sound will be out of sync with our tutors and one another. If you have a question during a session, type in a question using the chat window function. During the evening sessions, people will have the chance to put their name down to lead a tune or set of tunes, be unmuted, allowing everyone who wants to to perform to everyone else and lead a tune or short set of their choosing. Full zoom rules and etiquette will be emailed to you prior to the course.


Below is a copy of the course timetable, covering all times and timings. The workshops and session are held sequentially so that any multi-instrumentalists can take part in all sessions and anyone who wishes to can observe a session. 

2020 timetable ONLINE.png


Workshops are held one after another with a ten minute allowance for instrument and tutor changeover. Each tutor has a specific set of areas they will focus on during their three sessions. These are outlined below.

Jock Tyldesley  is an instinctive tutor, teaching by ear and concentrating on the feel and rhythm of the music as much as the tune. A stickler for technique, Jock brings out the best in all his students with everyone coming away with something new. Jock will focus on the styles of North America including Old Time, Appalachian, and Cajun fiddle music. 

Katherine Mann is a patient tutor with intimate knowledge of the Irish tradition and offers focussed, structured tuition. Katherine will look at the modern and traditional applications of the tin whistle and flute within the Irish and broader Celtic traditions,covering tunes and technique. 

Ed Boyd's accomplishments extend far beyond simple tune backing with his skilful finger picking, rhythm guitar and DADGAD tuning making him one of the top guitarists in the folk world. Ed’s tuition focuses on passing these skills and more onto his pupils. Ed will teach the techniques and application of DADGAD guitar with a large focus on Irish music.


Tola Custy is a patient tutor offering tuition to benefit all ages. As well as his traditional Co.Clare heritage, he has a large repertoire of traditional and newly composed material from all over the world. Tola will teach a range of tunes and technique to benefit all players. 

Andy Cutting is an exponent of Traditional English, Breton and modern Melodeon music. Andy will look at English and European repertoire and ways to arrange tunes to play on the melodeon. Within this, Andy will cover the technique in both hands while teaching a tune. It will be taught on diatonic D/G instrument.

Brian Finnegan's experience makes him a laid back but knowledgeable tutor who blends traditional Irish, Breton and even Indian technique and ornamentation into modern and traditional folk music from all over the world. Brian will teach tunes and technique to demonstrate and share his unique marrying of styles. 

Evening Activities

The evening activities are an opportunity for team building and performance and we urge all members to take part. The tutors all choose to join us for all evening activities leading teams on Quiz Night, are interviewed in our Q and A session titled, 'My Life in Music' and perform as part of the tutors concert.

The committee aim for each evening activity to finish around 10pm in order for a session to start before it gets too late, allowing the session to start as soon as possible and give students a chance to 'digest' the tunes they've learnt so far.

Tola performing at the Tutors Concert

Offline Recording Project

As our online workshops prevent us from playing music collectively, we have created an online recording project to record music together. Below is the outline of the project that allows you to record audio of yourself playing over a backing track. The concept is to make a recording of yourself while listening to our backing track in headphones. Once you are happy, send it to us and at the end of the week we will mix all of the parts received together to create a final finished piece. We will then release this on social media.  

The Project: The Big Tune

Our Big tune, traditionally, has always been a tune that everyone learns and plays on the course. With our move to online learning we wanted to maintain this tradition. As such, we will be aiming to collect recordings from as many people as possible playing the big tune. This year's tune has been chosen by Jock Tyldesley. For your ease of learning, recordings can be found below of it at two speeds plus notation. 

Download the sheet music

Listen to the track

Slower Version

Faster Version

Any Questions?

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