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Brian Finnegan

Brian and Ed at the Burwell Bash 2018 Tutors Concert 

Brian's Band Class at the Burwell Bash 2016 Tutors Concert 

Brian has taught at the Bash since 1994 and is widely regarded as one of the true pioneers in modern Irish music. Front man with the legendary Flook, with whom he has toured the world and recorded four highly acclaimed albums, he has continued to push the boundaries of modern traditional music. More recently Brian has toured with the quartet KAN and worked on a multitude of other projects all over the world, including his work in Russia with Rock band Aquarium and in America with guitarist William Coulter, fusing traditions and genres along the way. He released his new solo album, The Ravishing Genius of Bones in 2010 to critical acclaim. His newest venture the Finnegan McSherry Project has been well received in the UK and Ireland. 

Brian's experience makes him a laid back but knowledgeable tutor who blends traditional Irish, Breton and even Indian technique and ornamentation into modern and traditional folk music from all over the world. 

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