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All of our tutors are world class players, each a respected expert in their individual instrument and tradition. All regularly tour with their bands and are highly sought after tutors and artists. All of our tutors return every year and consider Burwell Bash to be a highlight in their calendar due to the unique relaxed family atmosphere. 

Brian Finnegan

Flute and Whistle Tutor

       more about Brian


Katherine Mann

Flute and Whistle Tutor

       more about Katherine

Tola Custy

Fiddle Tutor

       more about Tola

Jock Tyldesley

Fiddle Tutor

       more about Jock

Andy Cutting

Melodeon Tutor

       more about Andy

Ed Boyd

Guitar Tutor

       more about Ed

Ernesto Calderon

Ensemble and composition Tutor


more about Ernesto

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