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Hidden in Burwell at the heart of the Cambridgeshire countryside is Burwell House, a gorgeous former family mansion turned education centre complete with it's own cat. Burwell House's normal guise is a residential education Centre for learning outside the classroom. At weekends and during the school holidays, the centre hosts a very wide range of youth and adult courses. With the main customers being primary schools, this does mean that the indoor accommodation is small dorm rooms - comfortable and smartly kept - but still dorm rooms! Many guests choose to camp in the gardens, with full use of all of the house's shower and toilet facilities. Everything happens on site with the dormitories directly above the teaching rooms and evening entertainment. Much more information (and photos of the beautiful site) are available on the Burwell House Website. Students are also welcome to participate in the course as non-residents - either commuting from home or staying at one of a number of B&Bs in the village and local area. Contact Us for more information.


Expect to be presented with large amounts of great food by the lovely Burwell House staff. Please do tell us if you have any special dietary requirements when you are registering. Non-residents are welcome to stay for evening meals (not included in non-resident price); just let us know before hand so we can have it ready.

Haven't found the information you're looking for? Check out our travel information, pricing structure, FAQ and alumni sections.

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