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Jock Tyldesley

Jock and Vera at the Burwell Bash 2018 Tutors Concert 

Jock's Band Class at the Burwell Bash 2016 Tutors Concert 

Jock has been the fiddle tutor at Burwell since 2007. He is perhaps best known for his fiddling in Cajun bands such as The Flatville Aces and the Bearcats, as well as more off-the-wall antics with The New Rope String Band and The Chipolatas. 

He also nurtures a long-time passion for Southern Appalachian old time fiddling for many years, touring worldwide with his regular bands and US acts such as Eddie LeJeune, The Dirk Powell Band, Martha Scanlan and many more. 

He is much in demand as a private and workshop tutor and has also taught for several years at Folkworks Summer School as well as being a visiting tutor at Blazin' in Beauly, The London Fiddle School and the Folk Degree course at Newcastle University, plus many international festival workshops. 

Jock is an instinctive tutor, teaching by ear and concentrating on the feel and rhythm of the music as much as the tune, and trying to bring out the 'drive' in peoples' playing. A stickler for technique, Jock brings out the best in all his students with everyone coming away with something new. 

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