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Ed Boyd

Ed and Rachel at the Burwell Bash 2018 Tutors Concert 

Ed's Band Class at the Burwell Bash 2016 Tutors Concert 

Ed Boyd is one of the most sought-after guitarists on the folk music scene today, both in the UK and in Ireland. His playing has been a major force behind the success of the mighty Flook

More recently Ed has released an album with Celtic-Bluesgrass band The Scoville Units and continues to play with a multitude of bands and artists including Cara Dillon, Kate Rusby, the Mike McGoldrick Band, Lunasa and Guidewires

Ed is in huge demand the world over as a tutor, running workshops regularly at festivals in the UK and across Europe. 

Ed’s accomplishments extend far beyond simple tune backing with his skilful finger picking, rhythm guitar and DADGAD tuning making him one of the top guitarists in the folk world. Ed’s tuition focuses on passing these skills and more onto his pupils. 

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