The course consists of a mix of modern and traditional English, Breton, Irish and American folk music taught by our tutors, each an expert in their individual tradition. Largely taught by ear, the course suits players of all ages who are of an intermediate or advanced level. Players from other disciplines are very welcome and classical players who have joined us have found the experience to be very enjoyable and enriched their playing. Due to the pace of sessions and the expectations of both tutors and participants we do not recommend the course for beginners. 

Instrument Classes

Classes focused on your particular instrument take up the majority of the week, focusing on learning and arranging tunes or occasionally songs under the direction of our tutors. Instruments with more than one tutor will have equal time with each of them. Students work to prepare a performance held at the end of the week to show off what they have learnt, family and friends are welcome along to this.


Big Band Classes

Along with tuition in your instrument class, each tutor also shares a mixed instrument group to produce a performance piece for the Thursday night concert. There are 2 groups each led by 3 tutors, from a different instrument. These big bands of more than 30 musicians will have a big sound and fabulous arrangements akin to a folk-orchestra!

Slow Sessions

Slow Sessions happen regularly during the week, run by experienced students for students with less access to regular sessions or for those who wish to expand their repertoire at a slower pace. This optional session is an opportunity play well known tunes and learn some new ones.

Dance Sessions

Dance Sessions are scheduled throughout the week, with each run by a different student with a grounding in a specific dance tradition. This optional session is an opportunity to try new dance traditions and styles, contextualising some of the dance music from the week.

Be sure to also check out what our evenings have to offer.

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Burwell Bash is run in partnership with and on the site of Burwell House, with additional support from the East Anglian Traditional Music Trust. 

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