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Different events take place each night of your week. These are always collaborative, inclusive and fun - and really add to the joyous atmosphere that pervades the week. Events usually include a team based quiz night, a one night stand band event as well as the tutors and big band concert. There are always plenty of sessions that continue until the early hours, although we try to finish by breakfast. This year, one evening will be entirely dominated by one huge session. With the evening activities taking place underneath the dormitories, it's only a short walk upstairs (or out of the back door to the campsite) to bed. 

The evenings' events are well 'lubricated' by the well-stocked Centre bar, selling real ales, local cider, wines, soft drinks and snacks (watch out for those sausage rolls on Thursday!)

There is a tutors concert every year - a chance for course participants to see some phenomenal folk musicians perform solo and in groups, in an intimate setting. This is a huge privilege - worth the course fee alone. This concert is normally recorded and made available to course participants as well as uploaded to youtube in HD. 

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