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When does booking open?
Booking usually opens around February each year, however for Burwell Bash 2022, we are giving our overseas visitors more time to sort COVID travel protocols and additional post-brexit paperwork and so we are booking on Saturday 18th December at 9am. Every year, booking opens on slightly different dates each year so your best way to stay informed is to join our facebook page or follow us on twitter for regular updates.

Do you have only fiddles, flutes, guitars and melodeons on the course?
Everyone has a taught instrument group that they attend. For this they must play either fiddle, flute, whistle, guitar or a D/G melodeon. In addition to the taught instruments people do bring others. We strongly encourage people to bring all instruments they play for mixed band classes and sessions. We are inclusive and have had everything from harps and cellos to double basses, steel pans and didgeridoos, to bombards and euphoniums.


Who comes to Burwell Bash?

We have a range of people from amateurs to professionals and those looking to enhance their playing for fun.  All we ask is that those attending have been playing their instrument for a minimum of  two years, are of an intermediate or advanced standard and are open to new techniques and lots of fun. Due to the pace of sessions and what is taught, however, we cannot recommend the course to beginners. For a full explanation of the minimum level level required, see our requirements page.

Can you provide food for my dietary needs?
Yes, if you let us know in advance. Burwell House food is delicious and every effort is made to make it available to all. Please include any allergy information in your booking so you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and all break time snacks. Non-residents are entitled to lunch with us while residents get all meals included. non-residents can pay for additional meals if the wish too. More about this can be found on our pricing page.

Can my family/spouse stay in the house with me?
Due to demand for space in the house we do not have rooms for couples or families. Many of our regular couples and families come as residents but book to stay on our campsite in the grounds, just metres from the house. Others choose to make use of the loca using campervans, caravans or tents. Some, instead book into BnBs as a non-resident on the course. To find out more about the house accommodation check out the Burwell House Website.

What are the rooms like?
All of our dormitories are single sex, either male or female with 11 rooms in total. Rooms hold between 3 and 8 people. During the rest of the year they are used by primary school children. This makes them comfortable but not luxurious with bunk beds a common sight (we only use the bottom bunks). All beds are therefore single beds and all dormitories are shared. 

Do I need to bring bedding with me if I'm a resident?

Bedding is provided by the house (unless you are camping) but you will need to bring a towel and all your usual toiletries as the dormitories are not equipped like a hotel. 

If there is a question you have that we haven’t answered please contact the Burwell Bash Team for more information.

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