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5 reasons why Burwell Bash is the best kept secret in folk music

What make us different from every other course out there? We asked our members. Keep reading and find out exactly what makes Burwell Bash special.

1. The mix

We pride ourselves on being family friendly. Not only do the tutors bring their children but so do many participants. Walking around the grounds you are as likely to find a session or a wandering fiddle class enjoying the space as you are a group of children playing football or an all ages game of frisbee. Where most summer schools choose to split their age demographics, we embrace the whole range as a collection of musicians and partnership of equals where everyone has the potential of something to offer.

"Being able to learn from peers is hugely valuable, getting help and support from each other, and feeling part of a community of musicians." - Andy

"It's like visiting family." -Thelma

" The family atmosphere with older members helping newer ones. And for me, the total immersion in music and camaraderie for a week- the best week of my year." - Clive

2. The space and staff

The historic house is homely, beautiful and spacious for us. It has the warmth of a family home but space enough for you to find your own quiet spot, even with a crowd of almost 100 people. The staff go out of their way to do all they can to make our time here happy and memorable, including a huge array of delicious food.

"The environment, its history, the zany creativity and stepping outside of what you would expect." - Jason

"The staff at the house, who are incredibly helpful - if you need anything, no matter how big or small, they are incredibly helpful. They make everything look effortless, while working really hard." - Andy

"The staff are legend and can do absolutely anything! They have the word “no” surgically removed when they take up the job! It’s magic - beyond description and beggars belief!" - Thelma

3. The evening activities and fun and games

Games aren't only for playing the in garden. Every evening the committee organise activities, games, quizzes and performances to keep everyone happy and entertained. From Monday through to Friday you are guaranteed to be entertained with games night, quiz night, the one night stand band, the tutors concert and the farewell concert with tutors and students playing, competing and performing side by side.

" So much fun and laughter. " - Thelma

"One Night Stand Band encapsulates all that makes Burwell so special: creativity, spontaneity and hilarity; music-making for all ages and abilities in a supportive, nurturing environment. " - Jayne

4. The community

Burwell Bash is not just a course one week a year but a community for the other 51 too. With social media, members chat all year counting down to the next course, share tunes, reminisce and keep in touch. Not only this but as the course is run on a not-for-profit basis by a committee of volunteers it ensures that the course is run by its students for its students.

"Burwell is family." - Jayne

5. The Tutors

Many summer schools switch tutors every year but part of what makes Burwell Bash special is that our tutors choose to keep coming back year after year, two of which for over 20 years! When world class musicians choose to keep coming back you know you are onto something special.

"The secret to making beautiful music is to not take yourselves too seriously. You have that in spades." - Tola Custy

"There is nothing else like Burwell Bash." - Brian Finnegan

Convinced you yet? Come and join us from 29th July to the 2nd August. Booking will open at midnight on Friday 15th February.

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