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A Statement from Burwell Bash

First of all, we apologise for not contacting each of you sooner. We are aware it has been a long time since we first announced our 'hibernation' in May. Since then, the tutors and the committee have been discussing how to move forward and what our options are.

It has been clear for some time now that getting together in person is not something which is feasibly possible. No amount of hand washing, social distancing, playing music outside or limiting bedroom use could possibly do enough to keep us all safe when our purpose of being together is to play music as a collective. With COVID-19 able to be spread by asymptomatic people through droplets in warm moist air, our wind players and melodeons especially would be at high risk of transmission. We could not in good conscience place anyone at risk and as a family friendly community with all ages present that is our number one priority. If even one person became ill we would ultimately feel personally responsible and would never forgive ourselves if our safe little musical haven put anyone in hospital, or worse.

This will naturally lead you to wonder what the plan is next. We have been working hard on finding a way to move as much as we can of what we do to an online format. This has been an extremely long and difficult process and is still under development. In order to make any of this possible we have had to radically change how we work as an organisation, both physically and financially and this has taken far more time than we would have liked. Sadly, due to circumstances beyond our control we do not yet have all we need to make this a reality and at the eleventh hour have found that our plans to use the original Burwell Bash 2020 dates are no longer possible.

Believe me when I say that every member of the Burwell Bash tutors and committee send our heartfelt apologies that we have not yet been able to realise our plans and bring an online course into fruition. We too are devastated to have let you down. In this dark and difficult time of isolation and uncertainty we want to continue to be a positive force of music and community, sharing our passion for music any way we can. With this in mind we are currently looking at possible future dates to bring Burwell Bash 2020 to you online, alongside a variety of other possible online activities, projects and concerts. We will continue to keep each of you updated as the situation develops. As soon as we have definite news we will share it with the whole Burwell Bash community.

We hope in this time of crisis you remain well and continue to take solace and find connection in music as we have.

Take care and look after each other.

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