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Welcome to the Burwell Bash 2020 members area. This is where you can find all your pre-arrival information and course itinerary to help prepare you for the week itself. Please read this information carefully even if you have been before as there are some changes to be aware of. We aim to make this page as helpful as possible for everyone attending.

The Big Tune

Our Big tune is a tune that will definitely be played on the course. Instrument classes may cover it on the first day but it is helpful for all participants to learn it ahead of time. It will be included in all the evening sessions as it is a tune everyone on the course knows. The Tune is called Burwell Baby and is an original composition, written for us by fiddle tutor, Tola Custy. Check out the tune and notation below. The audio recordings below are of Tola, made especially for us, at two speeds to aid learning by ear.

Download the sheet music

Listen to the track

Slower Version

Faster Version

Arrivals Info

We aim to make you feel as welcome as possible while on site. To do this we like to make arrivals day go as smoothly as possible. When booking you will have indicated whether you wish to arrive on Sunday or Monday. 

Sunday Arrivals - Please arrive after 3pm so that the staff will have the house ready and the team will be on site to greet you. Food will be available for dinner from 6pm. It's a lovely opportunity to meet everyone and have a session before getting ready for day one.

Monday Arrivals - Be sure to arrive by 8:30 so that you will be able to attend the welcome briefing and be able to participate in the first class.  

The view of the house from the North Street Entrance

The Silver Street Entrance Car Park

When arriving please enter via the Silver Street entrance (unless you have a caravan or campervan, in which case the North Street entrance will give you more room to maneuver onto the campsite). From there you will be able to park, unload your belongings and instruments and follow the path and the signs through the gates towards the entrance at the side of the house. Please do NOT go to reception as it will most likely be closed. Once there our members and committee will be waiting to greet you, direct you towards tea and coffee, show you your allocated room and get you ready for the 9am welcome talk. In this time, we will also give you your folder with a copy of the timetable and of course a copy of the big tune along with all sorts of helpful things and goodies. 

While we try and keep everyone as comfortable as possible we can, we ask everyone to bear in mind that Burwell House is not a hotel and that there is no lift up to the rooms. While we are happy to help you to your room, please make sure you are able to carry your bags and that you pack essentials such as toiletries and towels (bedding is provided). In addition, due to the smoke detectors on site we advise against bringing aerosol sprays where possible as the system can be sensitive to them. Due to this aerosols can only be used in the ventilated bathrooms.

The entrance where you will be welcomed


Below is a rough timetable for the week to be sure you know what's on when. For new members, there will be a copy of the timetable given to each of you in your members folders which will be given to you on arrival. 

The Slow Session

The Slow Session is an optional group activity that runs each evening after dinner, overseen by our volunteers Jean and Volker. It allows those who are not comfortable keeping up in a standard session to learn and play tunes at a gentler pace. Music for this will be available at the slow session. Copies can also be found below in both common notation and in simple ABC should you wish to learn some in advance. The slow session usually runs in Manderville (the bar).

Download 2019 Slow Session Tunes

Download previous Big Tunes and session Tunes

An Evening Session in the Bar

The Dance Session

Back by popular demand, the Dance Session will take place in the same time slot as the slow session with Ceilidh, Morris and even Breton dancing on offer. Like the slow session this is run by members for members with volunteers taking up the reins. Matt, Conán, Philip and Eilidh plan on making this fun for everyone who takes part.  The dance session will have the option of using the lounge or the garden (weather permitting).

Ceilidh dancing in the garden

Evening Activities

The evening activities are an opportunity for team building and performance and we urge all members to take part. The tutors all choose to join us for all evening activities leading teams on Quames Night and give positive feedback on performance during the One Night Stand Band. For certain activities (such as One Night Stand Band) it will be essential to know who will be taking part. Please let members of the committee know if you will not be taking part.

Members will be required to come to the tutors concert and end of week concert to perform in their instrument classes and mixed band classes. As you will see, the One Night Stand Band runs from lunchtime on Wednesday until the end of the evening. Any non-resident members taking part in the One Night Stand Band will need to stay on site all day until the end of the evening in order to rehearse and perform. We also recommend having an evening meal on site that day.

The committee aim for each evening activity to finish around 10pm in order for a session to start before it gets too late. This was also the impetus behind the Big Session on tuesday night, allowing the session to start as soon as possible and give students a chance to 'digest' the tunes they've learnt so far.

Tola performing at the Tutors Concert

Tutor Time

Following the success of previous years, Tutor time is back for the third year running. The concept of Tutor Time is to allow time within class with your tutor to play together, create arrangements, have time peer to peer, workshop ideas and techniques, and try new things. Your tutors may have specific plans for what they wish to accomplish within this time but you can ask to work on specific things in this session should the opportunity arise.

Big Band

After the success of last year's big band experiment with the fiddle and flute and whistle classes, we have introduced the big band class. Instead of having a single tutor, each class has three times the expertise, musicianship, experience, ideas and sound with three tutors sharing the class, leading an afternoon each and over 35 students per class. These classes will perform in the first half of the tutors concert, as before. 

Any Questions?

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